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What Is SEO Web Design And Why Is It Important For Your Website

If you had to choose one thing that makes a website most effective, what would it be? Let’s work backward: there’s no doubt that an attractive website can spur engagement and pique interest. But what makes a website truly engaging is the fact that users can find the content they’re …

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5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important For Your Business

Back in 1999, the era of dial-up internet and bare-bones websites, there were roughly 23 blogs in existence. That’s just 22 more than in 1994 (a whole five years prior!), when Justin Hall introduced the very first blog.  Now, fast forward to 2020 and you’ll find more than 512 million …

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Marketing Automation What Is It And How To Use It

Just 20 years ago, the word ‘automation’ conjured images of Jetson-Esque homes and factories, with robots handling daily household chores and jobs being put on autopilot with the push of a button. Today, we know that automation doesn’t mean physical robots and button-pushing — we have something way better. Marketing …

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Website Design 9 Must Haves Of An Effective Website

You’ve been putting a lot of work into your website, and you want to make sure your website is the valuable business tool you know it can be. Whether you’re looking for clients or supervising a successful company, your website is an excellent lead generator. Tuning it up can only …

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