Everything You Need To Know About SEO in Nashville, TN


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Everything You Need To Know About SEO in Spring Hill, TN

Search engine optimization is a method by which you gain organic traffic from search engines. Your business becomes more discoverable using a variety of keyword, linking, coding, and content techniques.

Read on to discover tips to grow your business with local SEO in Spring Hill, TN.

Register With Google My Business

GMB is a free directory offered by Google. With GMB, your business shows up in the local search results when someone is searching for your business type. Update your location, address, contact info, and more.

Customers can navigate to your website or physical location from your GMB results and also see local reviews. Include pictures, videos, FAQs, and any other info your customers would search for. This is a great way to see who your area competitors are and use the techniques that are working for them.

Encourage Online Reviews

Encourage your happy customers to leave a review on your GMB. Good, high-quality reviews improve your position in the search rankings. Many people won’t bother to leave a review even if they were satisfied. Make it easy for them by sending them an easy-to-follow link to your GMB.

Nowadays, customers check online before making a purchase. About 88% of people will travel to a physical location within 24 hrs after looking it up on their mobile device. These customers will be more likely to travel to a business with good reviews vs those with none or bad. 

Use a Schema Markup

Schema markup is a collaboration by Google, Yandex, Yahoo, and Bing. Its purpose is to offer more in-depth information about your business and help it appear in position zero of the SERPs. This helps businesses that have a small following compete with large companies, and it also provides immediate information to customers.

Schema markup helps search engines optimize results by narrowing in on search intent. Customers can read reviews, search your website, and view some of your content from the SERP.

Create a mark up for any kind of business using schema.org. It requires coding your website using HTML, JSON-LD, or RDFa. This can seem daunting, but it is relatively easy to learn. A professional SEO Illinois service can also help your business build a local presence with schema markup. 

Submit to Local Directories

Local online directories are the new yellow pages. When your business appears in more places on the internet, Google responds by moving you up in the search results. 

When you submit to reputable directories, ensure that all the information across each platform is the same. Important conflicting information such as your contact info can lead to you being penalized in the search results.

Create Local Content

Content marketing is using media that your customers find valuable to drive traffic to your business. Content is anything from videos to blogs to podcasts to images on social media. 

Produce content based on local events or news your customers are already searching for. Use keywords and competitor sites to get ideas. Find keywords using keyword tools like Ubersuggest or AnswerthePublic, among others. These will tell you popular terms people plug into search engines.

Also, the related searches section at the bottom of Google SERP and the question tabs are great for mining info your audience is looking for.

From there, create videos and written copy answering questions including the keywords.

Always include the keyword in these locations:

  • The Meta description
  • The Title
  • The URL
  • The intro, body, and conclusion of written copy
  • Throughout a video

Putting keywords in these key locations lets Google know what your content is about and how it satisfies user intent.

Internal Linking structure

Internal links are links to other pages on your website. Adding them to your content keeps people on your page and improves the likelihood of a purchase.

Many people use a content structure that begins with a long foundational content piece that other pieces link back too. For example, the foundational content could be an in-depth look at SEO for business as a whole. The other pieces would be specific topics under the same umbrella such as ‘how to perform keyword research’.

This process can take months to build, but it can generate sustainable traffic over the long term.

Build Backlinks 

Backlinks are links from other websites back to yours. The more you have, the more it tells search engines that your business is valuable. It is essentially building a network of word of mouth. 

Build local backlinks by collaborating with other businesses in your area. Also, news sites and local publications with high readership are always looking for content. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Offer a trade of content, a guest post, an interview with a local celebrity, etc.

Optimize Your Website

About 60 to 70 percent of people surf the web on their mobile devices. It’s essential that your website has a responsive design that reflows to fit various device sizes. Loading speed, ease of navigation, and aesthetic quality are all factors that affect the success of your website. 

Try limiting the number of images on your website for mobile devices. This slows your loading time and guarantees your customers won’t wait around for it. Also, make content easy to read. Big blocks of text are off-putting even if they contain valuable information. 

Speak with a skilled web designer to create a website that is intuitive to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.

Location Pages

If you have multiple locations for your business, create a separate page for each location. Make the ‘About Us’ page unique to fit each as well. To boost your results in the SERPs, include a Google Maps page to your site. 

Include your business location in these areas of your website:

  • The URL
  • The title
  • The meta description
  • At least one heading in the site content
  • The intro, conclusion, and naturally throughout the body of your content

Include information on your location pages that is unique to the area. Customers and search engines will see this as more valuable. Duplicate content among your locations will lead to being buried in the search results.

Succeed With SEO in Sping Hill, TN

Growing your business with local SEO in Spring Hill, Tn is a matter of consistent action over a period of time.

SEO can take months to pay off, but the revenue and traffic you generate are worth the wait. Remember to keep your target customer in mind with the creation of all content. With a combination of key techniques, you’ll be building an audience and rising in the SERPs in no time.

Build your brand voice and expand your local reach with professionals that know how to get results today.

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