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Web Design & Marketing Pricing To Align With Your Ambitions

Pre-determined marketing packages disregard your unique needs. We create customized solutions that align with your goals, challenges, and unique business needs.

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Strategy To Fit Your Goals

Services To Fit Your Goals

Pricing To Fit Your Goals

Interested In What Your Investment Could Look Like?

Your website and digital marketing are an investment for your business and should be treated as such. Your goals and budget will help determine how we help drive success for your business in order to yield a continuous return on that investment. While we can’t give you an exact price for your projects without getting into a conversation, we can at least let you know where we start.

Website Design & Development

A website should be one of a business’s most powerful tools. Look better than your competitors, convert more traffic, and drive revenue.

Custom Website Design -
Starting as low as $2,000

What’s Included >>

While the specifics of what’s included will be unique to you, some common features and available options of our website design services include:

Responsive Design
Smart Form & Surveys
Website SEO
Graphic Design
And More...
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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A brilliant website means nothing if people can’t find it. Reach more customers, boost your traffic, and outrank competitors.

Comprehensive SEO -
Starting as low as $500/mo

What’s Included >>

While the specifics of what’s included will be unique to you, some common features and available options of our SEO services include:

Website Audits
Keyword Research
Competitor Research
Google My Business Optimization
Local Search Optimization
Link Building
Citation Building
Content Creation
Google Analytics Analysis
Rank Tracking
And More…
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Paid Media Advertising

When coupled with our other services, paid media is an excellent way of driving traffic, generating leads, and boosting brand awareness.

Search & Social Ads -
Starting as low as $250/mo

What’s Included >>

While the specifics of what’s included will be unique to you, some common features and available options of our Paid Media Advertising services include:

Campaign Strategy
Keyword Research
Platform Recommendations
Competitor Research
Ad Campaign Copywriting
Custom Ad Creatives
(Image and/or Video)
Audience Targeting
Performance Monitoring
Campaign Reporting
And More…
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Website Success Plans

Get professional website support and services that keep your website running at peak performance and growing your business 24/7

Website Maintenance -
Starting as low as $99/mo

What’s Included >>

While the specifics of what’s included will depend on the plan you select, some common features and available options of our Website Success Plans include:

Premium Cloud Platform Hosting
Free SSL Certificate
Daily Website Backups
24/7 Monitoring
Software Updates
Plugin Updates
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Client Reporting
Content Updates
And More…
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Platforms, Partners, & Expertise

We’re strong believers in results, innovation, and quality which is why we use and partner with top platforms and softwares. Plain and simple, inferior products provide inferior results. Our relationship with you and your business’s success means everything to us. While we’ve only listed some, these superior platforms are just part of what goes into providing our clients with superior results.

Serving Your Needs

Unlimited Email Support

Custom Reports

Strategy Reviews

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Superior Customer Service

A Partner You Can Trust


Web Design & Digital Marketing That Delivers

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"We engaged with BrandDad Digital in order to revamp our entire Web presence and help with Digital Marketing, and they have really delivered. We are very happy with the deep expertise and amazing work that BrandDad does, and we are seeing great results from their work. BrandDad is extremely knowledgeable and accessible, and he has been a true partner to us in our efforts to rebrand and grow our businesses."
Paul P.
All American Tax Service

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Results will depend on the specific services we’re providing your business and how aggressive of a strategy we’re taking. Consistency month after month is key though, as long-term sustainable growth is a marathon, not a sprint.

We like to get started as soon as we receive the signed proposal. Start times often depend on the client just as much as we typically need to collect content, be provided access to systems, and more depending on the services involved.

We believe in superior customer service, communication, and transparency for your campaigns and work performed. You’ll be provided a custom client dashboard, depending on the services being provided, where you can log in anytime and check campaign status. We also provide regular emailed reports, monthly results/strategy calls, and maintain regular contact to keep you in the loop.

We always recommend consistency in all efforts but we understand things come up as well as some businesses are seasonal. We try to be as flexible as possible and accommodate any changes with your budget on the month-to-month services. Simply contact your account manager or discuss it in your monthly review.

Before projects start, we do an in-depth discovery process to minimize changes to scope but we understand priorities can shift or ideas come up. We’re happy to discuss new functionality, design, and services not originally outlined but know it may require changes to the budget and/or timeline.

We bid our projects and services on a fixed rate for a fixed scope which works out much better for the client. However, if you’re on one of our Website Success Plans some tasks are eligible for ad hoc work. Our standard hourly rate is $80 per hour with discounts applying to higher-tier plans.

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