What Is Paid Media?

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Marketing and advertising in 2020 are all about the digital world. Having the right digital strategy will make a huge difference in the success of your business. There are three key types of exposure that are necessary for a great marketing campaign.

The three types of promotions are paid, earned, and owned. Earned promotion is all of the word-of-mouth (or tweet) that you’ve built up organically. Owned promotion is the stuff that your business puts on its website anything else they have complete control over.

What is paid media, then? Keep reading to learn the details of this key advertising element.

What Is Paid Media?

Unlike earned and owned advertising, paid media advertising refers to all the digital advertising techniques that must be purchased to placement in an online location.

It’s really the standard advertising technique that’s been used for a long time, but in the 2020 digital world, it makes sense to classify it this way since so much of online promotion is about generating free advertising by way of organic conversation or “going viral.” 

In this context, paid media includes things like sponsored ads on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin, pay-per-click ads on a website, or ads from search engine results. All of these paid media channels help to reach the right customers for your business. 

Social Media Promotions

This is probably the most common of paid media examples. If you ever scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media, you’ll see ads that you’re probably at least somewhat interested in. 

These are targeted ads for you. Your business can do the exact same thing and target your potential customers as they use social media. Instagram and others do a particularly good job of making paid content seem just as natural as organic content

Amplify Your Message

Natural social media usage is fine, but you really need to be able to amplify the message.

Using paid media strategies allows your business to reach far more people than simple word-of-mouth or organic social media usage. Today’s digital marketing landscape is crowded.

You have to advertise online because that’s where everyone is, but it’s continually harder to reach your audience with so many companies clamoring for customers’ attention. 

This is why we offer specialized digital marketing strategies for local businesses. We help modernize your advertising plan to efficiently reach the customers most likely to buy your goods or services. 

Revitalize Your Marketing by Going Digital

If you have not already embraced hiring a paid media strategist to help you with your digital marketing, your business is missing out on its potential to be even more successful. 

What is paid media? It is your digital solution to standing out in the crowd. By utilizing our social media, search engine ads, and other targeted paid media ads, you’ll be able to reach far more people.

You’ll also be able to know that you’re reaching the best possible people who have the highest likelihood of actually buying your products. We’ll help you analyze the trends and finetune your strategy. 

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