5 Website Design Ideas For Boosting Traffic And Generating Leads

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Running a business isn’t easy, but the right website design ideas can make it a little easier. If your website is easy to use, you can gain customers without a ton of work.

But you have to spend the time searching for the right design ideas for your business. Keep reading to learn about some excellent website design ideas to help you get more leads.

1. Simple Navigation

One of the best website design ideas that can help you increase traffic and leads is making it easy to navigate your site. When creating the navigation bar for the top of your site, don’t overcrowd it.

You should keep your navigation bar to three to six items. If you have more, that can look cluttered, and your visitors won’t know what to do. And if you use too few items, your site can look too basic.

If you mention your services on your home page, you should also link directly to your services page. Make it clear that you want people to go to your services when you talk about them.

2. Buttons

When you link to different pages within a page or blog post, use buttons for the link. A link in the text can be fine, but a button is more eye-catching.

It will be easier for people scrolling through your site to notice a button. So they’ll be more likely to click and check out where the button takes them. You can use a button for your products and services, or you can send people to a blog.

3. Multiple Opt-Ins

In marketing, the rule of seven states that customers need to see or hear something seven times before they act. That can apply to your website as well as other marketing materials.

If you have an email list, you can place multiple opt-ins throughout your site. Some of the best website design ideas include a signup form in the header and the body of the text. You shouldn’t overwhelm visitors, but more than one form can help.

4. Contact Options

When determining how to design a website, add multiple contact options. A contact form is an easy way for people to message you with questions or concerns.

You can also include your email address so that people can contact you directly. And if you’re active on social media, you can include your usernames for people to message you there.

5. Custom Design

The best website design ideas to generate more leads are unique. You could have a common business model, but if your website looks like your competition, it will be hard to get traffic and leads.

Instead, consider hiring website design services to create your site. That way, you don’t have to use a template that other businesses have, and you can make your site stand out.

Deciding Between Website Design Ideas

When creating a website, you want to make sure it fulfills your goal. As a business, your goal is to get more leads and traffic.

So consider some website design ideas that can attract visitors to the right pages on your site. Then, you can convert them to paying customers.

Do you need help with your site? Inquire about our web design services today.

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