6 Reasons Why All Businesses Should Have A Website Audit

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Website traffic around the world is on the climb with most of the growth in mobile, according to a report by SimilarWeb. Traffic was up by 8% in 2018 for the Top 100 websites. 

With that kind of massive traffic growth worldwide, you need to ask yourself if your website is pulling its fair share of your business? Can it do more?

If you’re wondering about this, it’s time to conduct a website audit. An audit can help your business get pointed in the right direction and quantify what you think is right and what you suspect is wrong.

In the following post, we’ll discuss six areas where a website audit can help your business.

1. A Website Audit Can Help You Stay Relevant

A website audit from a respected digital marketing firm will ensure that your website has an up-to-date look. This will not only make sure that your site is relevant but help your platform and services stand out from other businesses like yours. 

2. To Streamline Navigation

Your team might know exactly where to go on your website to get the information or product your customer needs. That makes sense. Your employees interact with your site on a daily, if not hourly basis.

On the other hand, customers may get confused by too many links in the navigation bar or not know how to search your site. Streamlining your navigation can help users get to what they want quicker.  

3. SEO Optimization

Users navigating your site is one thing; getting them to the site in the first place is another. A website audit can help you make sure that people find your website through search and proper SEO

Search engine optimization is considered the most valuable driver of website traffic, so ensuring your website has the right elements to attract customers will expand your ROI.

4. Improve Conversion Rates

A conversion rate audit on your website will help you track how potential customers move through your site. This is important because it allows you to see where to place your most important messaging or products for maximum impact. This, in turn, converts impressions to leads. 

5. To Improve Performance

When you land on a website that won’t load, how long do you wait until you move on? Exactly, not long.

A website audit can help determine your website’s load time and isolate elements dragging it down. A slow-loading website can also affect your search rankings.

6. Determine Content Problems

Since it’s your website, sometimes you can become “site blind.” You may not see content problems because you might have a vested interest in their creation. Basically, it’s hard to take a hard look at your own website when you helped create it. 

A website audit can get you to determine if the content is appropriate, up-to-date, and helps keep potential customers on your site.

The User Experience Is Tantamount

What does all this mean? It means a website audit can help improve the user experience, which is one of the biggest factors in attracting customers and maintaining their loyalty. 

If you care about clickthrough rates and dwell time, then a regular website audit is as important to your business as an annual physical is to your personal health. 

Are you ready to find out what a website audit can do for your website? Contact us today

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