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Website Analytics For
Data-Driven Decision Making

Web Analytics involves collecting and evaluating data to enable intelligent data-driven decisions.
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What Do Website Analytics Do For You?

Website tracking and analytics are ways to gather and analyze data regarding the website’s visitors and their actions. Without these tools, it is difficult to decide how and where to direct web traffic. We use web analytics for better decision-making and enhanced performance following the website design process. Data-driven strategies ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction and multifold growth in business. So, when it comes to making decisions based on data or instinct, we perceive that data emerges as a clear winner.

People interact with websites in many different ways. Here, web analytics play a key role in segregating the digital habits of users into specific metrics. These metrics generally relate to the number of new and old website visitors, bounce rate, desktop and mobile traffic, etc. From this data, we can identify the traffic sources, potential customers, best performing content, and conversions rate of the website. This data further helps in understanding the preferences of website visitors or customers. Accordingly, we modify the type of engagement and optimize the user experience.

Analytics - Stats to Know

It has been observed that the highest revenue companies utilize the feedback from website analytics to devise successful customer experience strategies. Not surprisingly, 99% of website cookies are designed for tracking visitor traffic. Hubspot estimates that 60% of the smartphone users contact a business directly using the Google search results. Further, 89% of the website visitors tend to shop from the competitor if they come across a bad user experience. This confirms the significance of tracking and analytics for website success.

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About BrandDad Digital

At BrandDad Digital, we provide assured website success with our services in website design, paid media, and SEO-related services. We aim to bring out the best version of the businesses located in Rockford, Illinois. Our company invests in identifying behavior and inclinations of your website visitors using popular tracking tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc. With our proactive systems, your website can be regularly monitored, optimized, updated, and maintained efficiently.