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Smart Forms & Surveys
For Smart Results

Smart forms and surveys are effective tools to track lead behavior and encourage lead generation.

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Generate Leads With Personalized Forms Through Content Creation

Smart forms and surveys are the digital type of questionnaires that let you know about customer perception and preferences with clarity. Most of these are designed in such a way that the answers of participants determine what they will see next. Through these e-forms, we can track and generate leads. Similarly, the branded surveys help in the evaluation of the marketing efforts of a company.

We utilize different kinds of smart forms including contact forms, order forms, and surveys to reach out to your potential customers as well as get the previous customers’ feedback. These forms incorporate smart fields and default to enhance the convenience of the participants. Information from the web forms provides insights about the interests and website behavior of your customers in a direct manner. This data is further used to improve user experience and propel conversions.

Web Forms By The Numbers

Hubspot states that 74% of organizations make use of web forms to generate leads. Since lead generation is counted as one of the major three objectives of online marketing, a majority of the businesses opt for smart forms and surveys to communicate with their target audience. It is estimated that 70% of the companies popular for their exceptional customer experience utilize the form feedback they receive. Further, the multi-step forms in WordPress have the potential to make 300% more conversions. So, almost every such statistic validates the need for smart forms in the current times.
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About BrandDad Digital

We, at BrandDad Digital, a local marketing company in Rockford, IL, are committed to modernizing local businesses with our website design services, SEO, and paid media offerings. Our smart forms and surveys are built on the latest technologies and related solutions. We aim to equip you with the best kind of advanced contact forms, conversational forms, booking and order forms, multi-step surveys, etc. These online forms are based on conditional logic, efficient order-cost calculations, and other modern algorithms.