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Keyword Research To Grow
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Let your brand show up for what people are actually searching for online
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The What & The Why of Keyword Research

Two sellers selling the same product online often experience two opposite results. While the first seller could be selling hundreds of products each day, the second might be struggling with barely a few sales a month. If you could relate to the second seller, you might be wondering “what’s the secret?”

The short answer is keywords. Use the right keywords and your traffic soars. Even a small percentage of traffic conversions make a huge impact on sales. Wrong or poorly researched keywords are a death-knell to your business and often lead to minimal traffic and minimal conversions.

The websites that get tons of traffic know the secret of using the right keywords. You won’t get them right without proper keyword research.
Some websites attract the bulk of customers looking for specific products online because they know what search terms their customers are using. These search terms, when used optimally in their content, land their pages at the top each time someone inquires using those same keywords.

Advantages Of Using The Right Keywords

Keyword research leads to a competitive advantage for your business. This is the first step in a marketing campaign. It helps you discover what is important to your customers or audience.

You get tons of traffic because you are using the keywords most visitors looking for specific product use.

You get an engaged audience because you would be presenting content they want to read. When the audience or customers like what you write, you will have a greater conversion rate. As you analyze the keywords, you will easily figure out consumer behavior and current marketing trends. Then you can prioritize your time in enhancing your bottom line.

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Thorough Keyword Research From BrandDad Digital

We use highly advanced tools that are tried and tested to identify the right set of keywords for you. Our team takes time to extensively research and analyze your competitors. We also research the market. With these strategic efforts, we leverage the opportunities to suggest the right set of high-value keywords. When you access these keywords, you gain a strategic advantage over your competitors.

We also help you with long-tail efforts. We identify more phrases that are keyword queries of long-tail types. They are among the most popular search accounting for nearly 70% of traffic.

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