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Plan Your Brand’s Growth
With A Digital Strategy

Digital marketing strategy encompasses a series of actions based on discovery audit, audience identification, and strategic planning.
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Digital Marketing Strategy - The What And The Why

A digital marketing strategy sets the foundation for major online activities carried out to achieve business goals. It involves formulating an action plan based on three essential steps. Firstly, we conduct a discovery audit which gives us a glimpse of the strengths and weaknesses of the business website, or application. Hereby, we build on what works well for your website and devise solutions to fill the gaps where the website lags.

As a second step, we identify your target audience. Audience identification entails creating buyer or searcher personas. This is generally based on your customer data, which includes the demographic information and personal interests of your customers. Depending upon the buyer personas, we can decide which channels you should opt for to reach your potential customers.

The final and most important step is strategic planning. Strategic planning directs the execution of your digital marketing strategy. It defines the allocation of resources for implementing the digital strategy, the alignment of marketing and business goals, and the constant monitoring of related results.

Brand Strategy By The Numbers

Several companies face a lack of conversions because of the absence of a proper digital marketing strategy. With no digital strategy in place, marketing efforts face immense loss due to poor targeting and ineffective planning. As per the latest survey conducted by Smart Insights, 45% of the organizations do digital marketing without a well-defined strategy. 

Likewise, Searchmetrics estimates that the average count of organic results on Google searches has reduced from 10 to 8.5. All these statistics necessitate the presence of a well-shaped digital strategy.

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