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Consistent Brand Signals
Through Citation Building

Citation building involves sending out consistent, clear, accurate, and relevant information to directories about your business. Citations enable search engines and consumers to locate your business and find out relevant information relating to your business. Citations typically feature the name, address, and phone number (NAP) of your business. In other words, when an SEO refers to citations, it is about online listings.
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Importance of Citations for Ranking

You might wonder why citations are important. Citations are not just online listings. They have to do with trust, verification, and prominence which are a basis of an effective SEO presence. It has to do with the legitimacy of your business. When search engines like Bing and Google identify your citations at multiple credible sources, the legitimacy of your business is established.

There are prominent local and national sites where your business could be listed. This helps your business create trust and authority. It helps your business to rise in the local search results.

Citations are also important for gaining prominence. Both Bing and Google factor in citations in their local ranking algorithm.

Our Citation Building

According to a recent expert local citation survey, 90% of experts are of the opinion that accurate citations are important in the context of local search ranking. Only 9% of the experts surveyed thought that accurate citation is not very important to local search ranking.

The three most important factors in citation sites are the relevance of industry, local relevance, and domain authority. While suite number may be less important, URL, ZIP, City, and phone number must be exact matches. Niche and industry directories, according to local SEO experts, are recommended in comparison to other structured online listings.

We give our topmost priority to accuracy in citation building. To this end, we build brand prominence. We create and correct citations on a large number of citation websites. It is also ensured that consistent use of your Name, Address, & Phone Number (NAP) are recorded.

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